About CoinBundle

Currently, investing in cryptocurrencies is extremely difficult for someone who is not tech-savvy or is far removed from new technologies. We are here to change that. Our mission is to build a bridge to the world of cryptocurrencies and make it accessible to everyone, even to those who are new to the technology. We are driven by our desire to give everyone in the world the opportunity to participate in the crypto-revolution. Our goal is ambitious yet achievable – and we’re excited to be on this journey with you!

Our Team

Saad Rizvi


Before founding CoinBundle, Saad started Mentat, a YCombinator backed technology company and DA, a leading global public sector analytics firm. Saad has also been a senior executive at Pearson and McKinsey, guests lectures at Harvard University and is a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree.

Max Loginov


Max has 20+ years of full-stack development experience across leading technology companies and fast-growing start-ups. Most recently he was the CTO at Mentat where he grew the company to serve millions of users. He also started mining CryptoCurrencies in 2010 before it became cool.

Alex Iakovlev


Alex has lead marketing campaigns that have touched millions of users across multiple products. Before CoinBundle, Alex was part of the marketing team at Mail.Ru Group and My.com. He also helped market world leading products such as ICQ, Cloud Mail.Ru and Maps.me.

Katelyn Donnelly


Katelyn is an investor and entrepreneur with experience across the U.S., U.K., and emerging markets. She invests in early-stage, technology-enabled companies, focused on blockchain, financial services and emerging markets. Katelyn also founded and served as the MD of  PALF, a $65M emerging market VC fund.

Frank Yang


Frank was previously the Vice President of ETF trading at Morgan Stanley, where he lead one of the industry’s best performing trading desks. He comes from a family of business entrepreneurs and has started several successful ventures in the past.

Minza Zahid

Data Science

Minza has helped shaped the data and business strategy at some of the world’s leading consumer retail, apparel, and pharmaceutical companies. She has also advised emerging market governments on the use of data in education, healthcare and financial services reform.

Mufaddal Durbar

Product and Finance

Mufaddal has deep expertise in finance, starting out in soft commodities. He’s also led private equity deals in the Oil and Gas sector while working at Clermont Energy Partners. He now focuses on CryptoCurrencies, advising several startups in the space and participating in leading ICOs.

Zaid Mansoor


Before CoinBundle Zaid led software development for several leading global multi-national corporations and innovative, venture-backed startups. He also served as the co-founder of Mentat, a YCombinator backed leading networking product for young job-seekers.

Valerie Streif


Valerie has extensive experience in public relations, press and education. Her work has been featured in leading global publications, such as Forbes, Time, Inc and Business Insider.

Anna Vedischeva

Marketing Manager

Anna has deep marketing and community management expertise. She has led marketing for a variety of large global corporations, as well as leading innovative star-ups.

Daniil Shustov


   Daniil is a full stack engineer with over a decade of experience designing, developing launching complex software products. His code has touched millions of users globally to date.

Taha Millwala

Business Analytics

   Taha has 10+ years of experience investing in the stock market based on fundamental analysis and 5 years of investing in Crypto across currencies and ICOS.

Yana Kuzmina

Head of Product

   Yana has built beatiful products for some of the world’s leading technology companies.  She has deep expertise in product management, design and agile development.

Aidan Sinclair

Jr. Software Developer

   Aidan is a software engineer with experience in financial technology. Previously he’s worked at several leading hedge funds focusing on fundamental reasearch.